The Girls

CH Flashpoints Isabelle DeMotif ROM

(9/1995 - 10/2007)

CH Motif's Chance for Litigation CD RN

(9/2001 - 7/2014)

CH Motif's Crazy Cora

R.I.P. January 2018

CH Motif's Lonesome Dove

CH Motif's Matilda Ross of True Grit

R.I.P. 10/9/2013

CH Motif's Mademoiselle Isabelle

R.I.P. April 2017

CH MOTIF's Becky Thatcher
"Becky" *

MOTIF's Liberty Belle

R.I.P. September 2017

MOTIF's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

* DNA Tested clear for Juvenile Cataracts

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