Motif Boston Terriers

CH Motif's Mademoiselle Isabelle

Owners: Richard & Suzanne Shiloh
Breeders: Richard & Suzanne Shiloh

Isabelle has a very impressive show record:
Date: Accomplishment: Judge:
5/19/08 Host Club to BTCA - won 6-9 months Puppy Class of 14 at Reserve Winners Bitch (5 pts) Dawn Hansen
5/20/08 BTCA - 6-9 months Sweepstakes - 1st place of 21 bitches Ann McCammon
6/7/08 Winners Bitch & BOS (1 point) Eve Parsons
6/8/08 Winners Bitch & BOB (1 point) Francine Schwerts
6/13/08 Winners Bitch & BOS (1 point) Charlotte Paterson
6/22/08 Reserve Winners Bitch (5 points) Roger Hartinger
7/6/08 Winners Bitch (2 points) Gloria Geringer
7/7/08 Winners Bitch (1 point) Bette Krause
7/13/08 Winners Bitch (1 point) Dawn Hanson
8/8/08 Reserve Winners Bitch/BTCM Specialty Show (5 points) Sandra Goose-Allen
8/8/08 Best Puppy Sweepstakes BTCM Specialty Show Sandra Solcz
8/10/08 Winners Bitch (4 points) Robert Moore
8/11/08 Winners Bitch (4 points) - FINISHED @ 10 MONTHS OF AGE! Lester Mapes
8/23/08 Best of Breed over Specials Isabelle Stoffers
8/24/08 Best of Breed over Specials Arlene Benko
Thanks to all the judges that liked Bella!

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